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You are viewing the legacy uReserve website. Click here to visit the latest version.

uReserveTM Online Resource Scheduling System Pricing

For a quick comparison of the main differences between the three versions, see the uReserve Edition Comparison Chart.

For information on the uReserve Hosting Service, click here.

For all non-hosted editions of uReserveTM there are
  • NO monthly charges
  • NO additional fees per user or per resource
  • NO limit for the number of users who may access the schedule
  • NO limit for the number of resources that can be scheduled
And you also get
  • FREE technical support for 90 days

Upon purchasing uReserve, you will receive instructions to download the source code electronically. It is yours to install once on your web server and use for as long as you wish. The system is completely stand-alone and can be installed on any web server with Perl 5+ installed. If you need to install multiple copies of the software, you are required to purchase one license per installation of the software.

We offer discount pricing on multi-license purchases. Contact for details.

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