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uReserveTM Online Resource Scheduling Software Demos

We've set up a few scheduling software demos below to give you an idea of the different kinds of applications for which uReserveTM can be used, but the uses for uReserve do not stop there! uReserve is a flexible online scheduling system which can be configured for a variety of needs - not just scheduling resources or rooms. Schedule appointments with people or even seats in a classroom - with some imagination and creativity uReserve can solve your scheduling challenges.

Contact Us to request a FREE trial version. We will set up a fully functional copy of uReserve Deluxe in a test folder on our web server, for you to try FREE for 30 days. No sign-up fees or obligations to buy - just contact us and tell us about the type of scheduling you need to do! Or if you want to discuss specific scheduling needs that can be customized in the software, just e-mail your inquiry to our support team.  

Note: All of the demos shown below were made using the Deluxe Edition of uReserve.
Conference Room Scheduling
Demo 1: Conference Rooms

Schedule office meeting rooms or conference rooms over the web...

Patient Appointment Scheduling
Demo 2: Patient Appointments

Accept patient reservations over the web. Specify an "authorized user" list to restrict reservations to existing patients only. Reservations can be configured as "pending" until a staff member can approve or reject. Configure "black out" dates/times for lunch breaks or for when the office is closed. Keep details of reservations private from the general public...

Client Appointment Scheduling
Demo 3: Client Appointments

Let your clients book recurring appointments for personal services, such as manicures and pedicures, haircuts, massages, facials and more! Configure different "lead times" for reservations and cancellations. Configure fixed length times and max length times for specific services. Protect reservations details from general public view...

Equipment Scheduling
Demo 4: School Media Equipment

Configure your own column names when your timeslots are not based on fixed time segments. Set up uReserve to schedule resources by "period" or some other naming convention that makes sense for your organization. Specify an image to indicate "reserved" timeslots...

Bed & Breakfast Reservations
Demo 5: Bed & Breakfast

Take overnight reservations for your bed and breakfast. Show a monthly calendar of reserved and open dates. Configure blackout dates to prevent reservations on holidays...

The Deluxe Edition of uReserveTM adds reporting features, blackout dates, pending reservations, a daily or monthly schedule view option, and many other new configurable parameters plus more graphical admin panels to make configuring the schedule a snap! See an extended list of the uReserve Deluxe features.

Deluxe Edition Admin screenshots give you a better idea of how many different options you have for setting up your online reservation system.

NOTE: The Deluxe Edition of uReserve incorporates all of the time-increment options (10-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, 60-minute, and Configurable Column Names). There are several different versions of the Basic Edition available upon request to licensed users, please inquire when placing your order.