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uReserveTM Online Scheduling System Features

uReserveTM Online Scheduling System Software is available in four editions:
  • Basic Edition - provides basic functionality for scheduling resources online. More info...
  • Deluxe Edition - adds reports, blackout dates, pending reservations, a monthly view option, and much more to the Basic Edition. More info...
  • Dual-Dependency Edition - this custom version of the Deluxe Edition checks the availability of two separate resources simultaneously before accepting reservations. Ideal for scheduling instructors and resources together. More info...

  • New! Gold Edition - a "super-charged" Deluxe Edition that allows up to twenty-two configurable reservation form fields (as opposed to only 4 reservation form fields in the Deluxe version), four permission levels for controlling authorized users access, the ability to define and manage resources by category, and much, much more! More info...

For a quick comparison of the main differences between the four web scheduler versions, see the uReserve Edition Comparison Chart.

The features of uReserveTM Online Scheduling Basic Edition include:
  • Web-based displays that allow users to easily check the availability of resources. (Conference Rooms, Computer Systems, etc.)
  • Reserve a resource for a specific date/time online
  • Optionally create recurring resource reservations (daily,weekly,bi-weekly)
  • Edit/delete reservations
  • Password protect resource reservations to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Create an "Authorized Users" list to limit who is allowed to make reservations
  • An administrator control panel allows the administrator to add, edit, and delete resources
  • Configurable resource and contact field names can be tailored to handle a variety of resource types
  • Configure various display preferences such as colors, fonts, and images.
  • Configure time-related preferences such as US or European date format, standard or 24-hour time format, the starting day of the week, and whether to display weekends on the schedule or not
  • Optionally send email notifications/receipts of reservations to the administrator and/or user
  • Logging of all reservations and reservation actions in bar-delimited data files
  • Easy installation instructions
  • Support for both UNIX/Linux and Windows web servers

The features of uReserveTM Online Scheduling System Deluxe Edition include all of the features of uReserveTM Basic PLUS:
  • Choose a daily, weekly or monthly schedule display
  • Configure the schedule for 10-min, 15-min, 30-min, 1 hour timeslots, or Configure your own Column Names!
  • Generate schedule reports (daily, monthly or date-range)
  • Delete recurring reservations
  • Specify blackout days or dates, and times per resource
  • Specify reservations as pending until approval, per resource
  • Configure an authorization level per resource
  • Specify an authorize users list per resource
  • Approve or reject pending reservations; automatically e-mail status change to reservee
  • Configure a fixed reservation length per resource
  • Configure a max reservation length per resource
  • Specify an admin password per resource, which can override all reservation passwords
  • Specify special e-mail text per resource, to add reservation notification e-mails
  • Specify special instructions for pending reservations
  • Use new graphical panels for configuring the schedule
  • Online help at your fingertips

The features of uReserveTM Online Scheduling System Gold Edition include all of the features of uReserveTM Deluxe PLUS:
  • optionally password protect access to the entire schedule
  • four authorized user access levels (General User, Reports Admin, Resource Admin, and System Admin)
  • a utility screen for configuring up to 22 reservation form fields, including single- and multi-select list box options, radio button choices, checkboxes, variable length text entry fields and more!
  • a utility screen for configuring recurring reservation options
  • the ability to define categories for resources
  • the ability to assign resources to categories
  • the ability to view a category menu as the main entry page to the schedule, or all categories and resources on one schedule but clearly separated
  • the ability to specify start and end dates of category availability
  • the ability to specify start and end dates of resource availability
  • the ability to specify a max advance days on resource reservations
  • the ability to multi-select pending reservations to authorize or reject
  • the ability to send a special note to a reservee when a pending reservation is authorized or rejected
  • a utility to reorder categories
  • a utility to reorder resources
  • a utility to quickly categorize resources if using categories
  • the ability to give all authorized users access to a new resource when it is added
  • the ability to give or remove access for all authorized users when a resource is edited
  • a utility for blocking reservations from specific e-mail addresses when Authorized Users are not used
  • the ability to multi-select blackout dates to delete
  • better support for accepting daily/nightly reservations
  • improved functionality of the manage pending resources utility - sending just one e-mail to a user when a recurring reservation (multi-event) is authorized or rejected
  • the ability to rename resources without "losing" reservations
  • the ability to modify recurring reservations
  • the option to allow users to toggle the schedule view (Daily/Weekly/Monthly)
  • a utility for viewing log files
  • administrative action logging
  • a utility to export reservation data
  • an e-mail reminder utility to remind users of upcoming reservations
  • an upgrade utility for version 3.x users
  • new reports by time period and resource usage
  • online help for selecting HTML colors and fonts
  • the ability to configure a server timezone adjustment for passed-timeslot checking
  • the ability to display a hyperlink to the user/password protected Administrative Control Panel on the schedule
  • ...and much more!

...and much more!