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uWalk is 100% Free! Enjoy and Good Luck With Your Fundraiser!

uWalk School Walk-a-Thon Software

uWalk is a free, web-based service designed to allow schools to run walk-a-thon type fundraisers. With uWalk, schools can manage all aspects of a walk-a-thon including accepting both online and in-person donations, tracking donations per student and per class, enabling volunteer signups, managing sponsors, generating reports, and much more!

Oh, and did we mention... uWalk is FREE!!!

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uWalk's Evolution

In February 2014, one of our developers was asked to help his daughter's school raise money by organizing a walk-a-thon. He spent over a week searching the web and evaluating software packages that could be used to run the walk-a-thon or at the very least, accept online donations and keep track of donations per student. He was very disappointed to find very few options available, none of which really addressed the needs of a school walk-a-thon. Additionally, those few options were either too expensive and/or took a percentage of all the hard-earned donations received by the school. So, out of necessity (and a little desperation) uWalk was born.

The initial version of uWalk helped St. Mary's Catholic School raise $10,000 through their school walk-a-thon. Not bad for just a few weeks of introducing a new fundraiser and inspiring students to collect donations from friends and family.

Since the initial release, we have taken advantage of the unique insight gained by running an actual walk-a-thon ourselves and have implemented many additional features and tools that will allow walk-a-thon fundraisers to run even smoother.

uWalk™ School Walk-a-thon Software
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