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uWalk Features

uWalk provides everything you need for your school to run walk-a-thon type fundraisers.

uWalk 3 Released February 2017
New February 2017, we have released uWalk 3 with these additional features:
  • The ability to offer Add-ons/Upsells such as shout-outs and song dedications.
  • Improved user creation and password setting.
  • The ability to view all users.
  • Improved PayPal interface error handling.
  • Fix for preventing email notifications from being flagged as spoofed emails.
  • Show the class/grade when displaying teacher names
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes.

uWalk 2.70 Released April 2016
April 2016, we have released uWalk 2.70 with these additional features:
  • Improved Participant Registration and Linking.
  • The ability for the administrator to get a list of all registered participants.
  • The ability for registered participants to request donation reports on demand.
  • The ability to send class donation reports to all teachers.
  • A new and more exciting Prize Picker!
  • Various other improvements and bug fixes.

Getting Started With uWalk (15 minutes)
(Recorded December 27, 2014)

uWalk™ School Walk-a-thon Software
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