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Why A Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser?

When it comes to school fundraisers, there are many options... but very few can match the simplicity and profitability of a Walk-a-thon!
  1. Everyone Has Heard Of Walk-a-Thons
  2. Minimal Initial Investment
  3. Maximum Return On Investment
  4. Simple, Healthy and Fun!

1. Everyone Has Heard Of Walk-a-Thons

Walk-a-thons have been around for years. Almost everyone participated in them when they were kids. Everyone knows what they are and understands that the main purpose of a walk-a-thon is to simply... raise money. This makes it easier to explain the fundraiser to participants and easier for participants to get sponsors and collect donations.

Did you know? Surveys have shown that friends and relatives would rather give one-time donations directly to your school - where they know 100% of their donation goes directly to your school - rather than be asked to buy various products where your school only gets a small percentage?

2. Minimal Initial Investment

Walk-a-thons require almost no up-front costs. There is no need to purchase an initial inventory. No need to purchase (and prepare) ingredients for bake sales. No need to purchase craft supplies or other materials for creating and selling products. The only up-front costs of walk-a-thons are pretty much ink and paper to print out some walk-a-thon fliers and sponsor sheets. The cost of any prizes/incentives to help inspire participants to reach their fundraising goal and the cost of supplies for the actual event (water, cups, etc.) is minimal and can often be offset/donated by some local businesses.

3. Maximum Return On Investment

The days where Walk-a-thons are run by a third party company which collects a percentage of the walk-a-thon donations ARE OVER! Thanks to the internet and great software tools (like uWalk), you can run and manage an entire walk-a-thon yourself. That means 100% of the proceeds go to your school!

So even if you have to invest some money to purchase prizes/incentives for participants and supplies for the actual walk-a-thon event, you can still expect a return on investment (ROI) of somewhere between 1000 to 2000 percent!!!

For example: Suppose you have 300 kids in your school and gave them a goal of raising just $50 each...

But be a little realistic and assume only 2/3 of the kids will actually participate in the walk-a-thon...

200 kids x $50 (average) = $10,000

Also suppose you weren't able to get any local businesses to sponsor your event so you ended up spending $500 yourself to purchase prizes and other supplies for the participants. Your return on investment would be:

($10,000 - $500)/$500 = 1900%

A 1900% Return on Investment!!! Or more importantly.... $9,500 directly for your school!!!

The math is simple so it would be easy to estimate the potential for your school.

4. Simple, Healthy and Fun!

And finally...The actual implementation of the Walk-a-thon is simple and can be a lot of fun too! Just pick a day at school where the kids will get to spend an hour or so walking around the school track with their friends and classmates while getting some fresh air. Arrange for some refreshments and throw in some music and you'll have yourself a party! There is no need to setup an elaborate course. No need to ever leave the school campus. And only a few parent volunteers are needed to man water stations and help out as needed in other areas.

Be sure to check out our Walk-a-Thon Resources Page for more tips and tricks to make your walk-a-thon go smoothly.

Try a school walk-a-thon... it will be the easiest and most profitable fundraiser you do all year!

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