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uTeammate Frequently Asked Questions

What is uTeammate?

uTeammate is software program designed to allow coaches, parents, team moms and sports clubs to communicate via any computer or mobile device. Users can view/mananage team schedules, send emails or text messages to entire teams, signup for refreshments and other volunteer positions, and much more!

How much does uTeammate cost?

On average, less than $1 a month per team. See our pricing page for full details.

Can I try uTeammate for free?

Yes! We invite you to create an account for free (no payment information required) and have uTeammate running in just minutes! Signup Today!

Can individual coaches signup?


What sort of things can coaches do with uTeammate

Coaches can view the team's schedule from any computer or mobile device. Schedule (or re-schedule) team meetings, practices, games and events. Lookup team contact information from anywhere. Instantly post messages, send emails and/or send text messages to the entire team. Allow parents to signup to bring snacks or other volunteer positions. And more! See also Features.

What sort of things can team parents do with uTeammate

Parents can view the team's schedule from any computer or mobile device. Receive emails and text messages from their coach. Get notified of schedule changes. Signup for refreshements or other volunteer positions. Get directions to field and game locations. And more! See also Features.

What sort of things can sports clubs do with uTeammate

Sport clubs can manage their entire club during the season from any computer or mobile device. Send or post messages to the entire club. Schedule club meetings and events (complete with volunteer signups and RSVPs). And more! See also Features.

Do parents always have to login to view the team schedule?

No. Team schedules are available to any website visitor. You just can't access any contact lists or utilize the team message centers without logging in. See uTeammate Security for more information about security and user privacy.

Is uTeammate secure?

Security and user privacy is very important to us. Please visit uTeammate Security to see the various ways uTeammate protects users.

Is uTeammate an "App"?

Not exactly. uTeammate is actually a mobile-optimized web site. This means uTeammate has been designed to be accessed from any mobile device... but users do not have to install any App and can also access uTeammate from any computer.

Will there be a uTeammate "App"?

Probably yes. Probably soon. But it most likely will just display the mobile-optimized web pages from the server. In the mean time, it is recommended you just bookmark your uTeammate account link and/or put a link to uTeammate from your club's website.

uTeammate™ Mobile Team Communication Software
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