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uTeammate Security

We take security very seriously and have taken numerous steps to protect your personal information.

1. Minimum Information Required

Player Name, Parent Name, Email, and Phone. That's it! That's all we require from each uTeammate user. The less data stored, the less there is to steal (and the less of a target we are for identity thieves).

2. Secure Server To Store Data

Whether storing just the minimum contact information for each user or utilizing some of the optional fields such as player address, emergency contacts, and health notes... data is transferred to/from our server using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and stored on our secure servers.

3. Encrypted Passwords

User passwords are encrypted... so not even we can lookup a password if a user forgets his/her password. (Instead they would have to do a password reset.)

4. Limited Access To Contact List

To see a team's contact list, the user must be logged in AND the user must be a member of that team.

5. Limited Fields In Contact List

By default, only the Player Name, Parent Name, Email, Phone and Cell Phone are visible on a team's contact list. Any other optional information being used is visible by the Coach Only.

6. Additional Privacy Option

Optionally, if a user doesn't want to share any contact information with the rest of the team, he/she can select the "Make Private" option on their account configuration screen in which case all contact details are made private and visible by the Coach Only. This is illustrated here.

7. Utilization Of PayPal To Collect Payments

To protect your payment information when you're purchasing addtional team licenses or renewing your existing licenses, we utilize PayPal. We figure, let's let the experts at PayPal handle collecting any payments. So we never even see your payment information, we just get a notification from PayPal that your payment was accepted or not.

8. Other Security Precautions

And finally, we have implemented various other security precautions including session timeouts, referrer validations, input and data validations and more to help protect user data.

9. Microburst Privacy Policy

Click here to view a copy of Microburst Technologies, Inc.'s privacy policy.

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