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uShopTM Java Shopping Cart System - Download FREE Trial Version

In order to allow you to try out uShopTM and see how it will work for you, we have made a trial version of uShopTM available for download. In this trial version the final order steps have been disabled but it does have the entire suite of uShopTM Applets and other features necessary for creating your online store. Then later, when you do decide to purchase the full version of uShop, you won’t have to change a word of HTML....just replace the class files and scripts with the newest versions that are included with the full version of uShopTM.

For configuration assistance and other questions regarding uShopTM, please refer to the uShop Reference Site.

uShopTM Trial Version Download Instructions
(Trial Version 3.50 - Last Updated 02/25/2002)

  1. Please enter Your Email Address and let us know how you heard about uShopTM. Note that your email address is for internal use only and under no circumstances will be distributed to any third parties.

  2. Select the download format (Windows Self-Extracting File or Regular Zip File).

  3. Read the terms & conditions.

  4. Press Download to download the trial version of uShopTM.

  5. Download and save the file as ushop_trial.exe or If you get an internal server error when trying to download the trial software, it is likely because you are behind a firewall or using virus protection software that is masking your IP address. Just e-mail and the trial version will be e-mailed to you.

  6. To get started using uShopTM, see the uShopTM Getting Started web page.

Please enter your email address: (For internal use only)

Please tell us how you heard about uShopTM:

Select the download format:

Please read the following download conditions:

By pressing Download you verify that you have read and agree with the above Terms & Conditions.

IMPORTANT: Upon pressing DOWNLOAD be sure
to save the file as "" or "ushop_trial.exe"