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This reference has been updated to refer to uShop 3.0. If you want to access the older uShop 2.0 reference site, CLICK HERE.

This is the official uShopTM Reference Site. It contains all the information you may need to setup and use uShop, such as: the User's Guide, Trouble Shooting Information, FAQ, and more!

  • Applet References
    Check out all of the applets that are currently available with uShopTM.

  • User's Guide
    The complete uShopTM 3.0 User's Guide online.

  • Tutorial
    The uShop Tutorial, perfect for people wanting to get familiar with uShopTM or for those just wanting to get familiar with using Java Applets on web pages in general.

  • Updates - Last Updated: March 19, 2003
    A running record of the updates and enhancements made to uShopTM.

  • FAQ
    Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Troubleshooting
    Troubleshooting assistance for the most common configuration questions.

  • uShop Support Forum
    The official uShop Support Forum.

  • uShop Security - Important!
    Information about setting up uShop to handle secure transactions.

  • Codebase Parameter
    Information about using, configuring, and setting the "codebase" parameter.

  • Payment Processing Interfaces
    Find out more about the payment processing system interfaces that are available with uShop.

  • uShop Developer's Corner - New!
    The uShopTM 3.0 Programmer's Guide and a listing of additional components developed by uShop Technology Partners.

  • uShop System Requirements
    A description of the system requirements of uShopTM.

  • Purchase uShop
    Purchase uShopTM directly from us using our online store.

  • Contact Us
    Contacting Microburst Technologies, Inc.