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One of the most unique features of uShopTM is that you can use it to put your store online and on CD-ROM! That is, because uShopTM consists of a series of Java applets and Java Scripts that run locally on the customer's browser and do not require any interaction with a web server, it is the ideal system for creating Interactive CD-ROM Catalogs. By putting your uShopTM web pages on CD-ROM, customers will be able to browse your catalog - and add items to their virtual CD-ROM shopping cart - without being connected to the internet. In fact, the only time the customer needs to have a connection to the internet is when he/she wants to complete the order process - at which point the customer is transferred to the script on your secure server to fill in the final payment information. See CD-ROM Details for more information.

uShopTM Stand-Alone CD-ROM Solution

If you want to take your interactive CD-ROM catalog a step further by making the catalog completely stand-alone, we do offer a service to customize your order process so that customers do not need an internet connection at all! That is, we will implement our patent-pending ordering process to allow your customers to fill out the order forms and print their orders - without ever having a connection to the internet! This is ideal for handling phone, fax, and mail orders. See CD-ROM Details for more information about this stand-alone CD-ROM catalog solution.

uCatalogTM Developer's CD-ROM Solution

For multimedia and marketing companies who want to offer their own stand-alone, interactive CD-ROM catalog development service, check out our uCatalogTM Interactive CD-ROM E-commerce System. uCatalogTM is a shopping system/developer's kit designed specifically for creating interactive catalogs and stores on CD-ROM. See our uCatalog Website for more information.