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uShopTM Java Shopping Cart System Requirements

The system requirements of uShopTM are as follows:

1. System Requirements of the Store Owner/Web Developer
  • Any text or HTML editor.

  • The ability to install and execute custom Perl CGI scripts on your server.

  • In order to ensure that transactions are secure, your server must also be a secure server.

  • If you are going to use the PayPal, ECHO or Innovative Gateway Solutions (IGS) Interface, you must also have the Perl modules LWP and Crypt installed on your web server. Contact for more specific information about these modules if you are unsure.
2. System Requirements of the Customer
  • Since uShop consists of a series of Java applets and JavaScripts, the only requirement placed upon the customer is that the customer must have a browser that supports Java and Java Scripts, such as Netscape 4.x, Internet Explorer 4.x or AOL.

    Note: For the latest information in regard to compatibility with Macintosh computers, please see uShop and Macs.