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uWalk Security

Security is very important to us and uWalk addresses security in three main areas:

Data Storage And Protection Of Personal Information

In terms of data storage, and specifically for security reasons, uWalk stores only the minimum information needed to track donations per student and be able to contact the donar if necessary. So for each donation made, uWalk will only store:
  • Donar's name
  • Donar's email address
  • Donar's phone (if they entered one)
  • Student's name (if they entered one)
  • Teacher's name (if they selected one)

Clearly nothing that that is too sensitive in terms of identity theft... but still that data is stored on our own secure, dedicated server.

Payment Processing

In terms of payment information, uWalk utilizes an interface to PayPal. This means that any payment information is actually collected on the official PayPal website... and that payment information stays on the PayPal website. That is PayPal's specialty... so let them handle all of that!!! All uWalk gets is a confirmation from PayPal as to whether the payment was successful or not.

User Authentication

In terms of user management and authentication, each uWalk administrator (you and any other administrators you add to your uWalk account)... will have their own username and password. The password is encrypted and stored on the server, but not even we can see your password if we wanted to. If you ever forget your password, you would just have to reset it and follow the instructions in the resulting email to create a new password. Standard - but effective - user/password management.

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