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Changing Images Shown On Your uWalk Account

You can change all of the uWalk images (banner image, mobile banner image, small photo images) on uWalk's "Image Manager". To get to uWalk's Image Manager, login to your uWalk "Admin Panel" and choose "Upload and change your website images". From the Image Manager you can upload new images.

NOTE: For best results, the sizes of the images you upload should match the recommended sizes listed on the Image Manager.


A common problem that occurs when uploading new images is that the images do not immediately appear to be changed. This is because your web browser will most likely have the older images stored in its cache. To force the browser to refresh and show the new images, the easiest thing to do press "CONTROL-F5" and/or exit/restart your browser.

Another way to confirm that the new images are uploaded is to go your account's web directory such as:


(Where ABC123DEF456GHI789 is your actual uWalk account id)

There you can see a listing of your images (background.jpg, uwalk_banner.jpg, photo1.png, photo2.png, photo3.png), and you can individually click on the images and "Refresh" your browser to see the newer images.

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