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uTeammate Online Help - Importing Teams

If you have a lot of teams and players, the quickest way to import them into uTeammate is via uTeammate's "Import Team" feature. There are two steps to using the "Import Team" feature:

Step 1: Create an import file.
Step 2: Import the file via the "Import Team" feature on the uTeammate Admin Panel.

Creating The Import File

uTeammate can handle importing comma-delimited (csv) or pipe-delimited (psv) files. The format of the file should be in the following format:



TEAM NAME is the name of the team the player will be on. The team name should be the unique identifier of the team. It is recommended that you adopt a naming schema for your teams such as "TEAM A", "TEAM B", etc. or "TEAM 1", "TEAM 2", etc... So that you can consistently reference the team on the schedule and elsewhere regardless of the "friendly" name (such as "Panthers" or "Lightning") the team might give themselves.

TEAM CLASSIFICATION is a classification for the team. This is typically the division the team is in such as "U-11 Boys" or "Minors" or etc.

PLAYER NAME is the name of the player. This should be the player's full name (first and last name).

PARENT NAME is the name of the player's parent or guardian. This should be the parent/guardian's full name such as "Mary Jones". It may also be a combination name such as "Joe and Suzy Smith".

EMAIL is the email address of the player's parent or guardian. This email address will be the primary email address that all emails from the club or the coach will be sent. This email address will also be the username by which the parent/guardian can login to uTeammate.

PHONE is the phone number of the player's parent or guardian.

When creating the file to import, all six of these fields should be specified for each player.

Multiple players should be separated on separate lines in the file.

Such as:

Team A|U11|Suzy Jones|Bill and Debbie Jones|bjones@example.com|555-1234
Team A|U11|Janey Doe|John Doe|jdoe@example.com|(555)555-2345
Team A|U11|Timmy Smith|Sarah and Sam Smith|ssmith@example.com|555-3456
Team B|U11|Joey Brown|Joe and Mary Brown|jbrown@example.com|555-4567
Team B|U11|Michael Wilson|Victoria Wilson|vwilson@example.com|555-5678
Team B|U11|Shelly Anderson|Beth Anderson|banderson@example.com|555-6789
Team C|U9|Johnny Jones|Bill and Debbie Jones|bjones@example.com|555-1234
Team C|U9|Tina Smith|Sarah and Sam Smith|ssmith@example.com|555-3456

You can download an example import file here.

A few notes:

Note 1: If the team specified by the TEAM NAME and TEAM CLASSIFICATION does not already exist, it will automatically be created for you.

Note 2: If the a user with the given EMAIL address does not already exist, it will automatically be created for you.

Note 3: You may specify multiple teams in a single file.

Note 4: The maximum size of the import file is 200K bytes. If necessary, you may need to create multiple import files.

Note 5: Any lines in the file beginning with a # will be ignored.

Importing The File

After creating the import file as described in the previous section, you can login to the uTeammate Admin Panel to actually import the file using the "Import Team" option.

If necessary, you can adjust the delimiter and field indexes in the "Field Definitions" portion of the "Import Team" UI.

In the "Data File" section of the "Import Team" UI, select the import file created in the previous section.

Upon pressing "Import Data" the file will be imported and all of the teams, players and users will be created.

Note: We are always looking for ways to improve uTeammate. If you need to import data from a different source and/or with a different format, please contact us and we'll see what we can do. Thanks!

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