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uReserve News: uReserve 7.4 is now available!

uReserve 7 Features

uReserve provides everything you need to manage your resource reservations online!

  • Web-based displays that allow users to check the availability of resources from any computer or mobile device. (Monthly, weekly and daily displays.)

  • The ability to reserve resources online.

  • The ability to create recurring reservations.

  • The ability to password protect reservations.

  • An administrator control panel that allows the administrator to organize and manage resources.

  • The ability to add separate Admin users and Resource Owner users.

  • The ability to automatically notify Resource Owner's when reservations are added, modified or deleted.

  • The ability to send messages (email and text messages) to all reservations on a given day.

  • The ability to list/print all reservations on a given day.

  • The ability to generate resource utilization and user activity reports.

  • The ability to restrict access to the Resource Schedule to authorized users only.

  • Many scheduling options including the ability to configure:

    • Whether or not reservations are private.
    • Whether or not reservations require approval.
    • Minimum and maximum reservation lead times.
    • Minimum reservation cancellation times.
    • Daily time ranges and reservation time slot sizes.
    • Reservation slot names.
    • Reservation fields.
    • Schedule colors and images.

  • And much, much more!

Update February 11, 2017: New Features In uReserve 7.4 Include
  • Various Email Improvements
    • Send email receipts to users creating, modifying or deleting reservations.
    • Fix for preventing email notifications from being flagged as spoofed emails.
  • Several minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Update August 21, 2016: New Features In uReserve 7.3 Include
  • New Schedule Setting
    • "Default Calendar View" - Allows you to specify the default calendar view: monthly, weekly or daily.
  • New Schedule Setting
    • "Schedule Notice/Message" - Allows you to specify a notice/message to be displayed at the top of the schedule for all users.
  • New User Import Feature
    • To import a large number of users via a text file of email addresses. (Particularly useful when restricting calendar access to authorized users only.)
  • Simplified User Logins
    • Can specify an initial password for new users.
    • Forced password change on initial login.
    • View user account info on first login.
  • Minor Navigation Improvements
    • Putting the current date in the "Go" field.
    • Automatically switching to "Daily" schedule view when "Go" is used.
  • Several minor bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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