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Now Available uSignIn In Out Board No Passwords Version !
This version of uSignIn does not require each user to have their own password. It is ideal for use when a single individual is responsible for keeping track of everyone in your organization.

The Features of uSignInTM electronic In/Out Board include:

  • Web-based electronic in/out board that provides the ability to look up the current location/status/availability of all members in your organization. Easily track in-out status of employees via user friendly in out software. Find out who's in, who's out,when they'll be back and how to reach them outside of the office.

  • Maintains various contact information for each employee including:
    • phone number
    • email address
    • personal web site
    • normal schedule
    • department

  • An Integrated Message Center that allows users to leave messages when they are out and retrieve messages when they return.

  • A user-friendly interface with the abilty to sort employees by department, last name, first name and current status.

  • An administrative account that can modify any user's status when they are unable to.

  • A web based in out software system that is browser independent and OS independent.

  • An Employee Sign-In / Sign-Out Board increases office efficiency.

  • Easy installation and configuration.

  • Per server licensing (Unlimited users!).

  • And More! Be sure to check out our demo In Out Board to see what else uSignInTM can do.