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uSignIn In/Out Board

uSignInTM Web-based In Out Board and Personnel Tracking System

uSignInTM is a complete web based In/Out Board and Personnel Tracking Solution that provides all you need to help organize and keep track of your office personnel. No more wasting time trying to locate people. No more holding up progress because you can't contact someone. Easily track In or Out status of employees with uSignIn In-Out Board software. With uSignInTM, your whole team will stay connected!

uSignInTM allows members in your organization to utilize the Web in order to determine if someone is In, Out, at Lunch or on Vacation. It also provides a centralized place where members can lookup phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information. An Integrated Message Center feature allows members to leave and read messages without use of any email accounts/servers. Easily communicate with and track employees via a user friendly electronic In Out Board!

uSignInTM is the perfect web office tool for tracking the availability of all members in your organization. Used as an employee Check-In/Check-Out Board, a Sign In Board or a Sign Out Board members can easily Sign In or Sign Out. Be sure to check out the easy to use uSignIn demo In Out Board and download the uSignIn Trial Version Software. With uSignIn's user friendly interface, you'll have your entire office running more efficiently in no time!