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Linking To Your uSponsor Account

When you create a uSponsor account, you will be given a URL that is unique to your uSponsor account, such as:


That is the URL you can share with other members of your team who will be using uSponsor. (You can use uSponsor's "Add User" feature on the uSponsor Admin Panel to create a uSponsor user for each member of your team.)

If you have a website, you might want to considering adding a link to the website, such as:

<A HREF="https://www.uburst.com/cgi-bin/usponsor/accounts/ABC123DEF456GHI789/usponsor.pl">Our uSponsor Account</A>

... using your URL, of course.

TIP: You may also want to "Bookmark" your uSponsor link in your browser as well.

Linking To Your uSponsor Document Center

Did you know you can link Sponsor or anyone directly to your uSponsor Document Center? When a non-uSponsor user follows your uSponsor Document Center link, they will only be able to see documents that were marked as "Public" when the document was uploaded. This can be especially useful to share public documents like "Sponsorship Opportunities" or your "Tax Exemption Certificate" which is often requested by Sponsors.

To Link Directly To Your uSponsor Document Center, just add


...onto your uSponsor URL. For example:


Again, be sure to use your uSponsor URL before the ?goto=docs

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