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uSponsor Features

uSponsor provides everything you need to coordinate sponsor management for your event.

  • Full Sponsor Management Database to store and maintain Sponsor info.

  • Sponsor Logo Storage (For T-Shirts and such.)

  • Sponsor Donation Tracking And History.

  • Sponsor Brainstorming Feature (For easily capturing a list of potential event Sponsors.)

  • The ability to separate Sponsors by event.

  • The ability to assign team members to Sponsors (To help delegate leg work and prevent duplicate effort.)

  • The ability to update Sponsor status.

  • The ability to run Sponsor reports.

  • Automatic team notifications of Sponsor donations (To share the good news!)

  • Easy mobile links to Sponsor addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

  • Built-in document center for sharing documents.

  • The ability send and track Sponsor "Thank You" messages.

  • All features easily accessible through any computer or mobile device.

  • And much, much more!

Admin Panel

Sponsor Reports

Document Center

uSponsor™ Sponsor Management And Collaboration Software
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