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  1. What is uStorekeeper? uStorekeeperTM online shopping cart system is a complete ecommerce solution that has everything you need in a shopping cart program to create, operate, and maintain an online store.

  2. Who should use uStorekeeper online shopping cart? uStorekeeperTM was specifically designed for small businesses that want to have an online store.

  3. What are the features of uStorekeeper? We have listed the main features of uStorekeeperTM on our uStorekeeperTM Features web page.

  4. What do I need in order to be able to use uStorekeeper on my server? We have listed the system requirements of uStorekeeperTM on our uStorekeeperTM Requirements web page.

  5. As a store owner, what do I need to know to be able to use uStorekeeper? No HTML or Perl programming experience is required. You will, however, be required to handle installing the uStorekeeperTM scripts yourself. To help you do this, we have included a detailed section in the uStorekeeper User's Guide. Additional assistance installing the scripts is available if necessary.

  6. How much does uStorekeeper cost? The price of uStorekeeperTM has been listed on our uStorekeeperTM Price Page.

  7. Are there any monthly fees for using uStorekeeper? No! Once you buy uStorekeeperTM - it's yours. You can install it on any server you want - totally independent of us. Note again that we do require that you purchase an additional uStorekeeperTM license for each different store that you setup.

  8. Is there a limit to the size of a store created by uStorekeeper? Technically, no. There is no limit to the number of items that you list in your store. uStorekeeperTM was specifically designed for smaller businesses that have up to about 1000 items, but uStorekeeper's built-in flat file database will handle more.

  9. What languages is uStorekeeper available in? Currently, uStorekeeperTM online shopping cart system is only available in English (U.S.).

  10. What type of support is available? Please refer to our Technical Support Page for a description of all available support options.