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  1. How many users can I have on the uSignInTM web In Out board? There is no limit to the number of users you can have on a single In Out board. The only limit will be performance. The more users you have, the larger the table will be and the slower the pages will load in your browser. On a LAN, you can have over a hundred on a list without much of a performance hit. However, over a dialup, you may wish to separate message boards by department to keep the lists smaller and the load times quicker.

  2. What is required to install and run uSignInTM? We have listed the system requirements of uSignInTM In Out Board on the: uSignIn System Requirements Page.

  3. Are there any sort and search tools? In version 1.1 you can sort by first and last name and/or group by current in/out status. You can also focus the message board on a specific department. Searching will be provided in a future release.

  4. Is version 1.1 backward compatible with version 1.0 ? Yes, upgrading customers will not have to re-enter any information. They will only need to configure and install the new scripts.

  5. Is uSignInTM secure? Yes, uSignInTM is secure and has an administrative password for a manager to edit any other entry.

  6. What type of support is available? Please refer to our Technical Support Page for a description of all available support options.