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  1. What is uDownload? uDownload is a system that manages electronic file distribution and file downloading via the internet.

  2. Who should use uDownload? uDownload is ideal for use by any company that wants to distribute files electronically.

  3. What types of files can be distributed with uDownload? With uDownload, you can distribute almost any type of file such as pictures, artwork, music files, movies, recipes, building plans, software, documents, and much, much more.

  4. What are the features of uDownload? We have listed the main features of uDownload on our uDownload Features web page.

  5. What do I need in order to be able to use uDownload on my server? We have listed the system requirements of uDownload on our uDownload Requirements web page.

  6. How much does uDownload cost? The regular price of the uDownload has been listed on our uDownload Price web page. (But be sure to check out our online store for any specials.)

  7. Are there any monthly fees for using uDownload? No! Once you buy uDownload - it's yours. You can install it on any server you want - totally independent of us. Note again that we do require that you purchase an additional uDownload license for each different domain upon which you install uDownload.

  8. Can I customize uDownload's Download Form? Yes! You can customize the template used for the download form... or create your own custom download HTML page.

  9. Can my Online Store interface with uDownload? We have provided an API by which online stores can interface with uDownload in order to have uDownload automatically assign customer's licenses after they make a purchase from your store. Refer to the uDownload Interface Guide for information on how to develop an interface to uDownload. Also, contact us for a list of 3rd Party Shopping Carts that are already compatible with uDownload.

  10. What type of support is available? Please refer to our Technical Support Page for a description of all available support options.