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  1. What is uDirectory? uDirectoryTM is an online listing management system that allows anyone to create and maintain an online directory without any knowledge of HTML programming.

  2. Who should use uDirectory? uDirectory is ideal for use by such businesses and organizations as the Chamber of Commerce, Local Directory Services, Classified Ads, and Real Estate Agencies. Because the fields of the Deluxe Edition of uDirectoryTM are configurable, uDirectoryTM can be configured to handle almost any type of online directory.

  3. What are the features of uDirectory? We have listed the main features of uDirectoryTM on our uDirectoryTM features web page.

  4. What do I need in order to be able to use uDirectory on my server? We have listed the system requirements of uDirectoryTM on our uDirectoryTM Requirements web page.

  5. How much does uDirectory cost? The price of the various editions of uDirectoryTM have been listed on our uDirectoryTM Price web page.

  6. Do you have a trial version that I can use to try out uDirectory? Yes, we have made a special Personal Edition of uDirectoryTM that can be downloaded for free from our uDirectoryTM Trial Version web page.

  7. Are there any monthly fees for using uDirectory? No! Once you buy uDirectoryTM - it's yours. You can install it on any server you want - totally independent of us. Note again that we do require that you purchase an additional uDirectoryTM license for each different domain upon which you install uDirectoryTM.

  8. Is there a limit to the number of listings that can be maintained by uDirectory? Technically, No. There is no limit to the number of listings that can be maintained by uDirectoryTM. The only limitation is the amount of time you are willing to allow for you web pages to load. That is, the more listings that you have in a single category, the longer it will take that category page to load. In general, this can be balanced out by creating more categories to help distribute your listings onto more web pages.

    NEW! In The Deluxe Edition - In order to help manage large numbers of listings, we have added the ability to specify the maximum number of listings that will be displayed per page. This way, if you have many, many listings in one category, additional HTML pages (and the associated "NEXT" buttons) will be automatically created in order to ensure that the "maximum number of listings per page" is maintained. (i.e., If you set the maximum number of listings per page to "10" and have 100 listings in a single category, then 10 different HTML pages will automatically be created with 10 listings on each page - as opposed to just putting all 100 listings on a single category page).

  9. What languages is uDirectory available in? Currently, uDirectoryTM is only available in English.

  10. What type of support is available? Please refer to our Technical Support Page for a description of all available support options.