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Is uCarline An App?

Is uCarline an "App"? Technically, no. It's better than an "App"! uCarline is an web service that utilizes "responsive HTML" to allow web pages to resize automatically to whatever device is being used. This allows you to access uCarline from any computer or mobile device. No downloading from an app store needed. Just share the URL of your uCarline account with members of your organization and they are ready to go!

Still want uCarline to show up on your phone like an "App"? Try these simple steps to add uCarline to your phone's Home Screen.

STEP 1. On your phone, go to the URL of your uCarline account, then press the "Share" button at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 2. Scroll down to the "Add to Home Screen" action.

STEP 3. Enter/edit the name (if desired), then press "Add". The new shortcut will appear on your Home Screen.

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