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       uStorekeeper - Intershipper Version Features


This new version of uStorekeeper is now available! By interfacing uStorekeeper with Intershipper, real time shipping rates for FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL WorldWide are presented to the customer during the online order checkout process.

How It Works

You must sign up for an account with Intershipper in order to use this interface. Intershipper charges a low monthly fee plus a few cents per shipping lookup. Sign up from our affiliate link and we'll send you a coupon to save $10.00 off your purchase of uStorekeeper-Intershipper version!

uStorekeeper requests shipping quote information from Intershipper when the uStorekeeper order form is accessed. Rates are not generated until a ship-to address is entered by the customer. After the customer has entered a ship-to address on the uStorekeeper order form, the shipping choices that will appear to the customer will be based on the carriers and shipping classes that you have configured, and the least expensive option will be automatically be chosen for the customer. The customer can then choose a different carrier or class of service if preferred.

In order to receive valid shipping quotes from Intershipper, you will need to assign a weight to each product in your uStorekeeper store. You must also define a fixed ship-from location, along with an "average" box size which is used by Intershipper to calculate shipping quotes. You can configure the interface to use any of the following carriers: United Parcel Service, U.S. Postal Service, FedEx, and DHL Worldwide. You may select from 1-4 shipping classes (Ground, 1st Day, 2nd Day or 3rd Day) to offer to your customers.


We've set up a demo that highlights the built-in order form shipping lookup engine. The shipping selection rates are based on real-time shipping quotes to the billing or shipping address that you enter. Enter a real address in order to see the real-time quote options calculated. If a shipping method is not selected, uStorekeeper will choose the least expensive shipping option for you.

Play around with the demo and add more items (more weight) to your cart and watch how the shipping options are recalculated to reflect the increased shipping costs! Remember: You must enter a real address before the real-time quote options can be calculated.

See the demo or learn more about Intershipper.

If you are interested in obtaining this special version of uStorekeeper, you must read and send back a special agreement of understanding to ensure you meet all of the requirements for using this interface. You must open an account with Intershipper before you will be able to use their real-time shipping quote interface that provides real-time shipping rates from FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL Worldwide. Click here to read the agreement for purchasing.

uStorekeeper Baseline Features

Baseline features of uStorekeeperTM Shopping Cart Program that are included in this special version with the Intershipper interface are:

  • A single control panel by which you can easily perform all of the necessary functions associated with maintaining and building an online storefront. No previous knowledge of HTML or CGI Programming is required.

  • An option to choose from several pre-defined page layouts for your online storefront or the ability to create your own page layout templates.

  • Easy-to-use forms for adding, editing, and deleting products. For each product, the following options are available:
    • The ability to specify up to 3 option lists.
    • The ability to setup different prices per option.
    • The ability to add a small text box for monograms, initials, etc.
    • The ability to add a large text box for engravings, messages, etc.
    • The ability to mark items a taxable or non-taxable.
    • The ability to choose from 4 different display layouts.
    • The ability to specify a small and large (zoomed) image of the product.
    • The ability to specify minimum or maximum quantities of items.
    • The ability to setup different prices based on the quantity purchased.
    • The ability to allow customers to enter the price for the product (for quotes, etc.)
    • And much more!

  • A built-in import feature that allows you to upload product data files directly from your office or home computer without the use of any external FTP program.

  • A built-in image managing feature that allows you to upload or delete image files directly from your office or home computer without the use of any external FTP program.

  • Various options for configuring tax, shipping, and handling rates including the ability to charge different tax rates within each state and an option whether to include the shipping charge in tax calculations or not.

  • The ability to handle separate billing and shipping addresses.

  • The ability to offer a Gift Wrapping option.

  • The ability to offer Coupon and Global Discounts.

  • The ability to provide the following order options:
    • Order by Credit Card.
    • Order by Electronic Check.
    • Print Order for mail, fax, or phone orders.
    • A 'Contact Me' option to allow customers to request to be contacted by a sales rep.

  • The ability to remember customer information (via cookies) so that returning customers do not have to fill in all the order forms every time.

  • The ability to validate credit card orders via checksum.

  • Built-in interfaces to Authorize.Net and LinkPoint payment processing systems for automatic credit card and electronic check processing. (Note that you must have a compatible merchant account in order to use any of these payment gateways).

  • A built-in Affiliate Tracking System which includes such features as:
    • Forms for adding, editing, and deleting affiliates.
    • The ability to configure commissions as a percentage of the total sales or as a flat rate per sale.
    • The ability to assign each affiliate a different commission.
    • The ability to edit the affiliate log in order to adjust for refunds, cancellations, etc.
    • The ability to clear the affiliate log of orders placed before a specified date.
    • The ability to generate affiliate reports on a specific affiliate or on all affiliates at once.
    • The ability to allow affiliates to login and view their own reports.

  • A built-in Diagnostics feature for assisting with configuration problems and facilitating support requests.

  • A built-in search engine and page navigation system.

  • No limit to the number of items in the store.

  • No monthly usage fees! Once you buy it, it's yours! *Note that you must purchase a new license for each store that you setup with uStorekeeper.

  • And many more! Check out our Intershipper demo to see the real-time shipping quote interface built into the order form!