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This page describes some of the new features of uShop 3.0 and provides some important notes about upgrading to uShop 3.0 from previous versions of uShopTM.

New Features of uShopTM 3.0

Some of the significant improvements of uShop 3.0 include:
  • No more 20 item limit!
  • No more field size limits! (Product names and descriptions can be any length.)
  • A new and improved order process that allows you to design your own order forms.
  • A new set of more flexible Java Applets and JavaScripts.
  • The ability to mark items as taxable or non-taxable.
  • A programmer's guide to help you develop your own Java Applets and JavaScripts.
  • A built-in Affiliate Tracking System.
  • A built-in Coupon Manager (that allows you to create coupons with expiration dates)
  • A new and improved Order Reader that sorts orders by date.
  • Built-in interfaces to Authorize.Net, ECHO, Innovative Gateway Systems, Linkpoint, PayPal and Planet Payment processing systems. Note: The PayPal interface is available at additional cost from the online store; the ECHO and IGS interfaces are available from upon request and require additional perl modules (Crypt:SSLeay and LWP) be installed on your web server.
  • Built-in diagnostics.
  • And much more! See uShop Features for a complete list of uShop 3.0 features.
Most of these new features/improvements were made possible by shifting the order process from the old uShop Order Applets to a new uShop Perl Script ... which now consists of a control panel by which you can:
  • Configure your store's general settings (such as tax, shipping, handling, and payment configurations)
  • Create/delete coupons (via the new Coupon Manager)
  • Run your own affiliate program (via the new Affiliate Tracking feature)
  • Read your orders via the improved uShop Order Reader
  • Run diagnostics on your store to assist with troubleshooting.

Upgrading From Older Versions of uShopTM

And now the bad news.... uShop 3.0 is not backwards compatible with the previous versions of uShopTM. This means that you will not just be able to upgrade by replacing the old class files. You will actually have to make some changes to your HTML and install a new uShop Perl Script. Also, if you are not already using a separate "classes" directory to hold the uShop class files, then it is recommended that you do so now. See Section 5 in the new User's Guide for a description of the recommended directory structure.

Overall, you should see that uShopTM 3.0 works in much the same way as previous versions so you shouldn't have any problems adding the new applets to your web pages. The new CGI-driven order process is quite different from what you are use to, but by following the instructions in the new User's Guide, you shouldn't have that many problems. None the less, it is recommended that you only start the upgrade process when you will have sufficient time to work on your site (Ie. NOT during one of your busy shopping seasons). Plan on at least a week of the upgrade will not be overnight.

Contact Us if you need any assistance.

uShopTM 3.0 Upgrade Price

As of January 1, 2004 the Special Upgrade Price is No Longer Available. A new uShop 3.0 License must be purchased instead.