Canadian Pride Hockey Stick

The Canadian Pride company, an affiliate of ours, offers their greatest and highest caliber hockey stick, exclusively through Strubu Sports. This hockey stick is crafted of only the finest pressure treated Canadian lumber, painted in high density acrylic and break and crack resistant laquer, and can truly be called the best hockey stick around.


Hockey Face Mask

Canadian made, this fine quality face mask will keep those deadly pucks from marring your mug. Available in Blue, Red, and Green.


Standard Hockey Puck

Standard issue hockey puck. No frills, cheap, and relatively deadly at high speeds

Strubu Fishpuck

The staple and mainstay of the Strubu Sports company, the Fishpuck is a must for every hockey player to have. Comprised of high quality fish and seafood byproducts specially treated by a Strubu patented process, the fishpuck is a unique piece of history and sporting fun! Regulation sized fishpuck is suitable for tournament games of hockey, and incidentally, for deep frying.