Strubu Football

Strubu Football. Old. Kind. Old and kind.


Wislo Football

The Wislo brand football. A football crafted of fine pigskin imported from upper Bulgaria and suitable for use in official football games. Buy one for your kids today!


Pre-bribed Referees

Got a game you don't want to lose? Junior up against tough competition? Troubles no more! Strubu Sports is proud to offer our Pre-Bribed fully certified Referees for your next ball game. Each comes with zebra outfitting and a full assortment of penalty flags. One half dozen per order, sorry, no C.O.D.'s.


Millitemper Stopwatch

Imported from Upper Switzerland and crafted in the hidden shops of codgerly Swedish old men, the meticulously crafted Millitemper Stopwatch is perfect for timing those practice runs and gauging your team's chronometric successes. Supplies are extremely limited.