Welcome to Strubu Sports Online Store! Here you can find all of the latest and greatest sports paraphenellia and general widgets to demonstrate the function and reliability of uShop. Please note that the merchandise in the demo store is for demonstration purposes only.

About us

Strubu Sports was founded in early 1886 when Abraham Q. Strubu opened the first of a chain of ice fishing supply stores in Northeast Florida. Business was terrible, and burdened with debts, Abraham decided to convert his stock into assorted sports paraphenelia. The Strubu mania was borne when a large New England distributor got wind of Abraham Strubu's patented fishpucks, (hockey pucks made with old fish parts) and quickly took to marketing the item to Canadian interests. To this day, Strubu Sports offers high quality sports merchandise and goods to nations around the world. Our friendly service is unparalleled, and our goods are of the highest caliber. 'You can't better do, with a Strubu!'

Abraham Strubu with the first basketball.  Ever.
The Upstanding Abraham Strubu