uShop Order Template Setup

In order to use the uShopOrderButtonCGI applet, you must place the order html page that you want to use on your secure server. This page will be loaded dynamically by the ushop_cgiscript - thus we call this file an order page template. (You can actually name this page whatever you like as long you specify the correct name and directory path of it in the order_page parameter of the uShopOrderButtonCGI applet.)

Click Here to see an example order page template. As you can see there is really nothing special about that page except the use of the codebase parameter in the applets. This codebase parameter must be set to the full path of your uShop .class files, so that the uShop classes on your secure server can be found. This example template assumes that the uShop classes are located in a directory called "classes" on your secure server.
Note that you can modify this order template however you like and use any uShop Order CGI applet that you like.

NOTE: You can find detailed instructions on how to setup the order template and how to handle secure transactions in general, by following the "Making Transactions Secure" link at our reference site: