The uShopOrderContactCGI applet is an order form that does not request any payment information. This was designed to be used as a "Contact Us" applet. This applet has four configurable fields and an option on whether to send the current contents of the shopping cart with the notification. To use this applet, you must have configured the in your cgi directory on your server. See also

Note: Optional parameters are in italics


<APPLET CODE = "uShopOrderContactCGI.class" WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=450>
<PARAM NAME=scriptpath         VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME=message            VALUE="A representative will contact you.">
<PARAM NAME=label1             VALUE="*Name: ">
<PARAM NAME=label2             VALUE="*Day Phone: ">
<PARAM NAME=label3             VALUE="*Evening Phone: ">
<PARAM NAME=label4             VALUE="*Best Time: ">
<PARAM NAME=validate           VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=clearcart          VALUE="NO">
<PARAM NAME=cart_info          VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=popupwindow        VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=textcolor          VALUE="black">
<PARAM NAME=background         VALUE="lightGray">
<PARAM NAME=return_url         VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME=thankyou_url       VALUE="NONE">