Using The EURO_RATE Parameter

For all of the international versions of uShop, we have now added an option to display the EURO total in the shopping cart in addition to the normal total. To utilize this feature, you just have to set the new EURO_RATE parameter in your shopping cart applets.

The EURO dollar total is determined with the formula:

Euro Total = Total / Euro Rate

Where the Euro_Rate is the current conversion rate from your currency to the EURO dollar. You can look up the current coversion rates at the Yahoo Currency Converter.

Or to determine the conversion rate, you can also use the conversion rate form at Yahoo. Just make the selections as illustrated below:

Click here to go to the Yahoo Currency Converter

Note: If you do use the EURO_RATE parameter, then you really only need to specify it in any one of your uShopCart applets - however, the euro_rate parameter will not take effect until the customer views an HTML page with the uShopCart and the EURO_RATE parameter set.

Note: When using the EURO_RATE parameter, the shopping cart applets will first only show the subtotal and the EURO subtotal...until the customer views the order form at least once. After that, the shopping cart applets will show the subtotal, shipping, handling (if applicable), VAT, total, and the EURO total.

Note: If you do not want to display the EURO total in the shopping cart applets, then do not specify the EURO_RATE parameter at all.