The uShopInputText1 applet allows the customer to enter up to 26 characters of text that is to be associated with a product. This is ideal for personalized items that need a short message, name, or other insignia.

Note: Optional parameters are in italics


<APPLET CODE = "uShopInputText1_se.class" WIDTH=490 HEIGHT=35>
<PARAM NAME=id          VALUE="T00001">
<PARAM NAME=name        VALUE="Bracelet">
<PARAM NAME=label       VALUE="monogram: ">
<PARAM NAME=weight      VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME=quantity    VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME=price       VALUE="SEK 19.95">
<PARAM NAME=showprice   VALUE="NO">
<PARAM NAME=textcolor   VALUE="black">
<PARAM NAME=background  VALUE="153,204,255">
<PARAM NAME=popupwindow VALUE="NO">