The uShopInputMultiOption2 applet allows you to specify a product with various priced options. Parameters allow you to specify the base price of the product and up to 10 options for the product. You can specify different names and different prices for each option. Note that this applet is identical to the uShopInputMultiOption1 applet, except all options are displayed vertically.

Note: Optional parameters are in italics


<APPLET CODE = "uShopInputMultiOption2_se.class" WIDTH=250 HEIGHT=350>
<PARAM NAME=id            VALUE="K0001">
<PARAM NAME=name          VALUE="First Aid Kit">
<PARAM NAME=quantity      VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME=price         VALUE="SEK15.00">
<PARAM NAME=options       VALUE="Alcohol Wipes (SEK1.00)=SEK1.00,
                                 Cotton Balls (SEK0.50)=SEK0.50,
                                 Elastic Bandages (SEK2.00)=SEK2.00,
                                 Epsom Salts (SEK0.50)=SEK0.50,
                                 Gauze Pads (SEK0.75)=SEK0.75,
                                 Needles (SEK1.00)=SEK1.00,
                                 Scissors (SEK5.00)=SEK5.00,
                                 Tweezers (SEK4.00)=SEK4.00">
<PARAM NAME=weight        VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME=background    VALUE="153,204,255">
<PARAM NAME=popupwindow   VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=maxselections VALUE="NONE">
<PARAM NAME=minselections VALUE="5">