The uShopInputImageButton2 applet functions exactly as the other uShopInputButton applets, except this applet allows you to specify any image to be used instead of the regular ADD button. The image can be any .gif or .jpg and can be of any size. There is also an option to specify a highlight color and a color when the mouse button is pressed.

Note 1: Optional parameters are in italics

Note 2: Even though the "name" and "description" fields are limited to 15 and 26 characters, respectively, remember that you can put as large of a name and description as you want on the page with regular HTML - and then just abbreviate the name and description in the applets parameters.

<APPLET CODE = "uShopInputImageButton2_se.class" WIDTH=55 HEIGHT=75>
<PARAM NAME=id          VALUE="POP002">
<PARAM NAME=name        VALUE="Soda Pop">
<PARAM NAME=description VALUE="2-liter bottle">
<PARAM NAME=price       VALUE="SEK1.29">
<PARAM NAME=weight      VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME=image       VALUE="example_image_button2.gif">
<PARAM NAME=color1      VALUE="yellow">
<PARAM NAME=color2      VALUE="green">
<PARAM NAME=popupwindow VALUE="NO">