uShop 2.0 Applet Reference

(Spanish Version)

uShop now contains over 50 Java applets which can be used for selecting items, displaying shopping carts, placing orders, and more! The uShop Applet reference links at the left provide an easy way for you to browse through all of uShop's available applets and see the many features and options offered to you. Each applet has it's own reference page where you can get a full description of the applet's parameters and see an example of the applet running.

For the latest information and troubleshooting tips, check out our reference site at:

  • Added a new "EURO_RATE" parameter to the shopping cart applets to give the option to display the EURO Subtotal/Total (see the uShopCart applet's reference page for a complete description of the euro_rate parameter)

  • Changed "Tax" to "VAT" and perform the calculations as:

    Total = (subtotal + shipping + handling) * taxrate

  • Made the tax rate configurable based on the country.

  • Added the ability to specify the tax rate as "INCLUDED" in which case the store owner can include the tax in the price of the products on the HTML pages (thus allowing him/her to specify different tax rates for different products)......and in which case, if the storeowner does specify the tax rate as "INCLUDED" the VAT is not displayed in the shopping cart.

  • Added a configurable ISSUE_NUMBER field to the uShopOrder3CGI order applet to handle the Issue Number needed for Switch Cards.