The uShopInputMultiple applet allows you to quickly add an unlimited number of product input applets to a page - using only one large applet. That is, if you want to add multiple products to a page, instead of adding a new input applet for each product, this applet can be used to create the additional inputs for you. For each product, just specify the ID, NAME, DESCRIPTION, WEIGHT, PRICE, and URL. The URL allows you to specify an image URL or an .html page that contains a picture/description of the product and which will be linked to whenever the customer presses the optional VIEW button. Note that there is no limit to the number of products that can be added with this single can be anywhere from 1 to 100 products....and even more! Note: To use this applet you must also have the uShopInputMultiplePanel_sp.class located in the same directory as this applet.

**Note: Depending on how many products are going to be displayed on this applet, you will have to set the applet's HEIGHT parameter accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to just multiply the number of products by 30. For example, if you are going to display 10 products on this applet then you will want to set the applet's HEIGHT parameter to 300. (10 x 30 = 300).
*Note: Optional parameters are in italics


<APPLET CODE = "uShopInputMultiple_sp.class" WIDTH=750 HEIGHT=450>
<PARAM NAME=showid          VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=showname        VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=showdescription VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=options         VALUE="S,M,L,XL,XXL">
<PARAM NAME=textcolor       VALUE="blue">
<PARAM NAME=background      VALUE="white">
<PARAM NAME=viewbutton      VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=buttons         VALUE="LEFT">
<PARAM NAME=products        VALUE="
P00001 ,T-Shirt     ,Metallica         ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00002 ,T-Shirt     ,Van Halen         ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00003 ,T-Shirt     ,U2                ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00004 ,T-Shirt     ,Smashing Pumkins  ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00005 ,T-Shirt     ,ACDC (1)          ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00006 ,T-Shirt     ,ACDC (2)          ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00007 ,T-Shirt     ,ACDC (3)          ,1,Ptas13.00,product_image.gif,
P00008 ,T-Shirt     ,REM               ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00009 ,T-Shirt     ,INXS              ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00010 ,T-Shirt     ,Spice Girls       ,1, Ptas9.00,product_image.gif,
P00011 ,T-Shirt     ,Pink Floyd        ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00012 ,T-Shirt     ,The Doors         ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00013 ,T-Shirt     ,The Beatles       ,1,Ptas27.00,product_image.gif,
P00014 ,T-Shirt     ,Duran Duran       ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif,
P00015 ,T-Shirt     ,Bush              ,1,Ptas15.00,product_image.gif">
<PARAM NAME=popupwindow VALUE="NO">