The uShopPrintImageButtonCGI applet provides a means by which the customer can print the current contents of the shopping cart and then fax or Mail the order to the store owner. Due to the fact that older browsers do not have the ability to print applets, the only way to provide this printing ability was to use the to create a dynamic .html page that can be printed from all browsers. Thus, in order to use this print button, you must have the ushop_cgiscript configured on your server.
Note that this applet is identical to the uShopPrintButtonCGI applet except this applet allows you to specify any image to be used instead of a regular text label on the button. The image can be any .gif or .jpg and can be of any size. There is also an option to specify whether you want a 3-D border around the applet or not.
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Note: Optional parameters are in italics


<APPLET CODE = "uShopPrintImageButtonCGI_nw.class" WIDTH=55 HEIGHT=45>
<PARAM NAME=scriptpath   VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME=title        VALUE="Skriv ut ordre">
<PARAM NAME=instructions VALUE="(Skriv ut, fyll ut skjemaet og faks det til oss på 1-800-123-4567)">
<PARAM NAME=section1     VALUE="Navn, Adresse, Telefon">
<PARAM NAME=section2     VALUE="Levering ">
<PARAM NAME=section3     VALUE="Betaling">
<PARAM NAME=footnote     VALUE="*Moms vil bli lagt til.">
<PARAM NAME=return_url   VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME=image        VALUE="example_print_button.gif">
<PARAM NAME=border       VALUE="YES">