The uShopOrderReaderCGI applet allows you securely read orders that have been saved on your secure server. This applet should be used in correlation to the uShopOrder CGI applets. That is, when a customer submits an order using one of the uShopOrder CGI applets, the order will be written to your secure server and an Email notification - containing no sensitive payment information - is sent to the store owner. The store owner can then use this uShopOrderReaderCGI applet to enter in the order number and his/her password in order to securely read the order file (including the payment information). To use this applet, you should be using one of the uShopOrder CGI applets and have configured the in your cgi directory on your secure server. See also and uShop Security.

Note: Optional parameters are in italics


<APPLET CODE = "uShopOrderReaderCGI_nw.class" WIDTH=450 HEIGHT=150>
<PARAM NAME=scriptpath VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME=delete     VALUE="NO">
<PARAM NAME=textcolor  VALUE="black">
<PARAM NAME=background VALUE="lightGray">