The uShopInputOptionQuantity4 applet allows you to specify one list of options from which the customer can choose when buying the product. It also provides a quantity input field to allow the customer to buy more than one item at a time. This is ideal for providing a list of colors, sizes, etc... for which the product is available. This applet is identical to the uShopInputOptionQuantity1 applet, except that this applet does not show the product's label, name and price - thus saving on horizontal screen real estate.

Note: Optional parameters are in italics


<APPLET CODE = "uShopInputOptionQuantity4_nw.class" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=35>
<PARAM NAME=id         VALUE="N00001">
<PARAM NAME=name       VALUE="Goldfish">
<PARAM NAME=option1    VALUE="gold,black,silver,blue,striped">
<PARAM NAME=quantity   VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME=weight     VALUE="0.01">
<PARAM NAME=price      VALUE="NOK 5.00">
<PARAM NAME=textcolor  VALUE="black">
<PARAM NAME=background VALUE="153,204,255">
<PARAM NAME=popupwindow VALUE="NO">