The uShopInputMenuOption2 applet allows you to create a pull-down menu which contains a list of products from which the customer can select. Each product in the menu can have it's own id, name, description, and price. In addition, this applet has one configurable option list. This applet is identical to the uShopInputMenuOption1 applet, except it does not have a quantity entry box.

Note: Optional parameters are in italics


 <APPLET CODE = "uShopInputMenuOption2_de.class" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=35>
 VALUE=" B00001,Baseball Bat,Wood     ,DM120.00,
         B00002,Baseball Bat,Aluminum ,DM89.50
 <PARAM NAME=weight         VALUE="0">
 <PARAM NAME=options        VALUE="30,32,34,36,38">
 <PARAM NAME=background     VALUE="153,204,255">
 <PARAM NAME=menucolor      VALUE="white">
 <PARAM NAME=menutextcolor  VALUE="black">
 <PARAM NAME=fontsize       VALUE="12">
 <PARAM NAME=popupwindow    VALUE="NO">