The uShopInputVerticalQuantity applet is the similar to the uShopInputStandard applet except the layout is vertical rather than horizontal. It is ideal for placement next to product images and/or whenever horizontal real estate is limited. Like the uShopInputStandard applet, you can specify the product's id, name, description, weight, price, and an optional choice menu. In addition, you can specify an alignment parameter which can align each label to the left, center, or right. Also this applet is identical to the uShopInputVertical applet except that it also has a quantity entry box for ordering multiple items at the same time.

Note: Optional parameters are in italics

Example 1 (With "alignment" specified as "RIGHT")

<APPLET CODE = "uShopInputVerticalQuantity_du.class" WIDTH=130 HEIGHT=200>
<PARAM NAME=id          VALUE="VQ0001">
<PARAM NAME=showid      VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=name        VALUE="Wrapping Paper">
<PARAM NAME=description VALUE="25 sq. ft">
<PARAM NAME=options     VALUE="snowman,santa,gifts,pattern">
<PARAM NAME=weight      VALUE="0.5">
<PARAM NAME=price       VALUE="NLG 2.99">
<PARAM NAME=alignment   VALUE="RIGHT">
<PARAM NAME=textcolor   VALUE="black">
<PARAM NAME=background  VALUE="153,204,255">
<PARAM NAME=popupwindow VALUE="NO">

Example 2 (With "alignment" specified as "LEFT")

<APPLET CODE = "uShopInputVerticalQuantity_du.class" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=200>
<PARAM NAME=id          VALUE="VQ0002">
<PARAM NAME=showid      VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME=name        VALUE="Picture Frame">
<PARAM NAME=description VALUE="5x7, wooden">
<PARAM NAME=options     VALUE="NONE">
<PARAM NAME=weight      VALUE="0.25">
<PARAM NAME=price       VALUE="NLG 6.99">
<PARAM NAME=alignment   VALUE="LEFT">
<PARAM NAME=textcolor   VALUE="black">
<PARAM NAME=background  VALUE="153,204,255">
<PARAM NAME=popupwindow VALUE="NO">