uShopTM Input Applets

uShopTM comes with a variety of Input Applets that can be used to "Add" or "Input" items into the shopping cart. These applets have been designed to plug easily onto any web page, thus giving you almost total creative freedom when designing your web pages. That is, you can put any product descriptions, images and/or sounds on your pages - using regular HTML - and then add any of the various uShopTM Input Applets onto the pages as the means for adding the items to the shopping cart. Check out the Input Applet reference pages in this section to see examples of each applet running along with full descriptions of each applet's parameters.

Need To Create Your Own Custom Input Applets?

In order to further increase uShop's flexiblity, we have released the Java API for the uShopTM Input Applets. This allows you to create your own custom Input Applets. See the uShopTM Programmer's Guide for more information about creating your own custom Input Applets.