Applet: uShopInput1

The uShopInput1 applet is the most basic of all uShop Input Applets. It appears on the page as a simple "Add" button. The button has a customizable label and is resizable.


<APPLET CODE="uShopInput1.class" CODEBASE="../classes/" WIDTH=100 HEIGHT=30>
<PARAM NAME="id"                 VALUE="B00001">
<PARAM NAME="name"               VALUE="E-commmerce 101">
<PARAM NAME="description"        VALUE="Book; paperback">
<PARAM NAME="weight"             VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME="price"              VALUE="$34.95">
<PARAM NAME="classification"     VALUE="NONE">
<PARAM NAME="shipping_modifier"  VALUE="$0.00">
<PARAM NAME="taxable"            VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME="popup"              VALUE="NO">


Name Description
codebase This parameter is actually part of the <APPLET> tag and therefore should be specified on the first line of the Applet (see example). It allows you to specify the location of this applet's class file. The recommended value is "../classes/". See codebase for more information.
id A unique ID for the product.
name The name of the product.
description A brief description of the product.
weight The weight of the product. The default value is "0".
price The price of the product. Note that the format of this price parameter may be either a single value such as "$19.95" or may be in the format of a quantity@price table such as "1 @ $50.00,2 @ $45.00,3 @ $40.00". See price parameter format for more information on quantity price tables.
classification The classification of a product. This allows you to assign the product to a specific class of products such as "MUSIC CDS" or "VIDEO TAPES" and will be used to relate similar products. Typically, this parameter is used in correlation with quantity&price tables or setting up discounts such as "All CDs are 25% Off". The default value is "NONE".
shipping_modifier This parameter allows you to assign a specific shipping cost modifier for this product. For example, if you want to charge an extra $2.00 to ship this item, then you could set this parameter to "$2.00". The default value is "$0.00".
taxable This parameter allows you to specify whether this item is taxable or not. Valid values are "YES" or "NO". The default value is "YES".
label This parameter allows you to specify the text that appears on the "Add" button's label. You can specify any text for this parameter. The default value is "ADD".
popup This parameter allows you to specify whether to display a message in a popup window whenever this item has been added to the shopping cart. Valid values are "YES" or "NO". The default value is "NO".