uShopTM is a collection of Java Applets and JavaScripts that can be plugged easily onto any web page. You don't need to know a word of Java to use these applets - just fill in some easy to use parameters and you're ready to go. For instance, add this code to your web page:

<APPLET CODE="uShopInput6.class" CODEBASE="../classes/" WIDTH=490 HEIGHT=30>
<PARAM NAME="id"                 VALUE="B00006">
<PARAM NAME="name"               VALUE="Pants">
<PARAM NAME="description"        VALUE="Pleated front, Wrinkle free">
<PARAM NAME="option1"            VALUE="black,khaki,navy">
<PARAM NAME="option2"            VALUE="W30,W32,W34,W36,W38,W40,W42">
<PARAM NAME="option3"            VALUE="I30,I32,I34,I36,I38,I40,I42">
<PARAM NAME="weight"             VALUE="2">
<PARAM NAME="qty"                VALUE="1">
<PARAM NAME="show_qty"           VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME="price"              VALUE="$ 34.00">
<PARAM NAME="show_price"         VALUE="NO">
<PARAM NAME="classification"     VALUE="NONE">
<PARAM NAME="shipping_modifier"  VALUE="$0.00">
<PARAM NAME="taxable"            VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME="popup"              VALUE="YES">
<PARAM NAME="background_color"   VALUE="#FFFFFF">
<PARAM NAME="text_color"         VALUE="#000000">

You will get this input applet for a clothing item:

Note that you can use regular HTML to add additional pictures, descriptions, multimedia, and etc. to the page.

uShopTM comes with a variety of these applets for handling the various options, quantities, and pricing needs of your store. See the

uShop Applet Reference

for a complete listing and description of all of the uShopTM Applets. And in case you don't find an applet to fit your specific needs, we have provided the uShopTM API so that you can create your own custom Java Applets and JavaScripts to interface with uShopTM.