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Primary uReserve Edition Differences

  Basic Edition Deluxe Edition Dual-Dependency Edition Gold Edition
Appointment Conflict Checking
Recurring Reservations Configurable by the Admin
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Schedule View Weekly Only Users can toggle between views
Schedule in 10-min, 15-min, 30-min or 60-min timeslots 30-min only
Define Authorized Users per resource One list across all resources Supports four user group access levels
Define permission level per resource One permission level across all resources
Configure a reservation placeholder field per resource One placeholder across all resources
Specify "black-out" (unavailable) dates per resource
Configure reservations as "pending" per resource
Admin screen to authorize or reject pending resources Can multi-select pending reservations for authorizing or rejecting; advanced emailing option
Specify reservation create/cancel lead times per resource
Specify fixed or max reservation size per resource
Configure a resource admin e-mail to receive reservation notifications (configurable per resource) One per resource One per resource Unlimited; based on authorized user group access
Delete Recurring Reservations in one step
Modify Recurring Reservations in one step
Restrict viewing of reservation details Optionally password protect the entire schedule
Run Daily, Monthly or Date-Range Reports Also, Resource Usage Report and Resources by Time for Config Columns users
Schedule two definable types of resources from one reservation form
Price $129 $199 $599 $399

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