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uReserveTM Online Resource Scheduling System

uReserveTM is an online resource scheduling system that allows members in your organization to reserve any type of resource such as conference rooms, computer systems, electronic equipment, company cars, tutors and more! User-friendly, web-based interfaces make it easy for people to check the availability of resources and reserve the resources online.

A flexible web-based resource scheduling system, uReserve can be used for a wide variety of scheduling needs. You can schedule much more than just resources or rooms with uReserve. Whether you want to schedule patient or client appointments, schedule personnel to work shifts, or accept room reservations for a bed & breakfast, uReserve can easily be configured to meet those scheduling requirements.

Be sure to check out the uReserve Deluxe demos we have set up to illustrate some of the different ways that uReserve can be used as a conference room scheduler, patient appointment scheduler, client appointment scheduler, equipment scheduler, and bed & breakfast reservation system.

New! Gold Edition - a "super-charged" Deluxe Edition that allows up to twenty-two configurable reservation form fields (as opposed to only 4 reservation form fields in the Deluxe version), four permission levels for controlling authorized users access, the ability to define and manage resources by category, and much, much more! More info...

Checkout the Demos of the uReserve Gold Edition here!

Now Available - uReserve Dual-Dependency Edition!
This customized version of uReserve Deluxe is ideal for when two independent resources need to be scheduled for use at the same time. Example uses for this advanced two-tiered reservation software includes: teachers and classrooms, coaches and equipment and flight instructors and airplanes.

Check out the Dual-Dependency Demo we have set up to show you how uReserve Deluxe can be used to meet your "advanced custom scheduling needs". Additional information can be found here uReserve Deluxe Dual-Dependency.