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uReserveTM Dual-Dependency Edition Features


This edition of uReserve will allow two different resources to be scheduled together from just one reservation form. Checks the availability of both selected resources before accepting a reservation. Ideal for scheduling both
  • instructors AND classrooms
  • limos AND limo drivers
  • tour buses AND bus drivers
  • coaches AND equipment
  • flight instructors AND aircraft
  • music teachers AND facility instruments
...and just about any other two types of resources!


We've set up a demo of a fictitious Limo Rental business which uses uReserve Deluxe Dual-Dependency resource scheduling to coordinate and schedule out limos along with drivers.

In the demo, select either a limo or a driver, and notice how the pop-up reservation form shows two separate drop-down resource selection listboxes - one for choosing the limo and one for choosing the driver. Both types of resources must be selected in order for a "reservation" to be accepted, or rather, for the limo and driver to be scheduled.

For demonstration purposes, try to schedule a reservation in which there is a schedule conflict with one or both of the selected resources - you will not be permitted to schedule both resources together when a schedule conflict is detected.

This version of uReserve can easily be modified to optionally allow one resource type or the other to be scheduled, rather than requiring both, but still checking the availability of both when two resources are scheduled at the same time. Contact us with your particular needs and we can tailor a demo to your specifications.  

Try the demo!


If you are interested in obtaining this special edition of uReserve Deluxe, please e-mail to discuss your specific requirements and receive a customized package that is tailored to the type of scheduling that you will be doing.

With this Dual-Dependency Resource Scheduling Edition of uReserveTM, you will also get all of the Deluxe Edition features, including:
  • Choose a daily, weekly or monthly schedule display
  • Configure the schedule for 10-min, 15-min, 30-min, 1 hour timeslots, or Configure your own Column Names!
  • Generate schedule reports (daily, monthly or date-range)
  • Delete recurring reservations
  • Specify blackout days or dates, and times per resource
  • Specify reservations as pending until approval, per resource
  • Configure an authorization level per resource
  • Specify an authorize users list per resource
  • Approve or reject pending reservations; automatically e-mail status change to reservee
  • Configure a fixed reservation length per resource
  • Configure a max reservation length per resource
  • Specify an admin password per resource, which can override all reservation passwords
  • Specify special e-mail text per resource, to add reservation notification e-mails
  • Specify special instructions for pending reservations
  • Use new graphical panels for configuring the schedule
  • Online help at your fingertips

...and much more!