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Products - View information about all of Microbursts software products.

uTest - Create interactive tests and training programs for use online or on CD-ROM. Consists of a series of Java Applets for handling various kinds of test questions.
uReserve - Give members in your organization the ability to check and reserve resources over the internet.
uShop - uShop is a Java-based shopping cart consisting of flexible Java Applets and JavaScripts that plug into web pages to support an online store. Includes an Affiliate Tracking System, payment processing interfaces, a Coupon Manager, Interactive CD-ROM Capabilities, and more!
uStorekeeper - uStorekeeper is a complete shopping system for creating, operate, and maintain an online store. No programming experience necessary. Includes a built-in search engine and flat-file database, interfaces to LinkPoint and Authorize.Net, an Affiliate Tracking System and more!
uGolf - Allow golfers to reserve tee times online. With uGolfTM, golfers can view tee time schedules, check the availability of tee times, and reserve tee times directly over the web.
uDirectory - uDirectory is an online listing management system for creating and maintaining an online directory. Perfect for listing real estate ads, classified ads, auto sales and more! Three versions available.
uSignIn - uSignIn is an online tracking system that allows people in your organization to sign in/out, leave messages, lookup phone numbers, and more!

Tech Support - Access the online documentation, troubleshooting tips, reference sites, and read our support policy from this link.

Support Policy - Learn about Microburst's support policy.
Knowledge Base - Search the online knowledge base of product questions that have been submitted and answered since 1997. Available to licensed and non-licensed users.
Documentation - Access online documentation for Microburst software from here.
Reference Sites - See the official Microburst software reference sites for the most up-to-date information.

Legal - Access all of the legal information about our software and website from this link.

Software Piracy - Read about Microbursts zero-tolerance policy for software piracy.
Legal Notices - Learn more about Microburst patents, trademarks and copyrights.
Privacy Policy - Read about our commitment to your privacy when visiting our website.
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